Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)

Component 4 - Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement

The AOBNP understands that many physicians participate in quality improvement programs through their employer. Therefore, we have developed an attestation form which will allow AOBNP diplomates to attest to participating in a quality improvement program.  The attestation form can be accessed via:

    You may also view frequently asked question at: https://physicianportal.osteopathic.org/PPA/FAQ

    The AOBNP will conduct future audits to ensure the attestations are accurate.  If you have already completed Component 4 by submitting PPAs, you will not need to complete the attestation form. 

    If you have not participated in a quality improvement activity you are required to complete PPA modules which can be found below.

    The first PPA Module will be required for diplomates whose time-dated certificate ends 12/31/2017.

    AOBNP requires the following:

    Chart Review - Completion of an AOBNP approved PPA Module which includes concurrent chart review of 10 charts.

    Diplomates will receive individualized feedback from the AOBNP, as responses are reviewed against national benchmarks for the standards of care.  

    Online PPA Submission

    Diplomates can submit PPAs via the online forms below. To access the form, please select the appropriate topic using the dropdown and click "Begin PPA".