Certification of Added Qualifications in Neurophysiology

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for the Subspecialty Certification in Neurophysiology, candidates must meet the criteria below:

  • Hold AOBNP certification in general neurology that is active and in good standing
  • As part of the neurology residency program, have inclued a minimum of three (3) months of EEG with evoked potentials and three (3) months of EMG
  • Practice neurophysiology at least 20% of the clinical time, and have completed 30 hours of clinical neurophysiology CME instruction approved by the ACONP or satisfactorily complete one (1) year of AOA-approved training in EMG/EEG or neurophysiology
  • Provide a copy of the fellowship certificate from the neurophysiology program or letter from the program director or letter from the chief of neurology or neurophysiology section documenting the applicant’s:

1. Years of clinical practice
2. Recognition in the community as a practitioner of neurophysiology at least 20% of his/her clinical time

3. Standard of care provided
4. Performance and interpretation of a minimum of 500 studies consisting of EEGs, EMGs, polysomnograms, and evoked potentials in clinical practice.

In the absence of a knowledgeable neurology residency director aware of the applicant's status (due to relocation, time, death, etc.) the ACONP may provide documentation if applicable.

  • Successfully sit for and pass all sections of the written certification examination.  The examination intends to measure the knowledge, skills, and judgment of osteopathic neurologists who have been properly trained and are experienced clinical neurophysiologists. The examination evaluates the neuroscientific basis, terminology, and interpretation of electroencephalography, evoked potentials, electromyography, and polysomnography as applied to clinical judgment in the diagnosis and treatment in the practice of osteopathic neurology. The field of neurophysiology includes the diagnosis, localization, etiology, and treatment of neurological disease using neurophysiologic methodology and testing.  The examination is a three-hour written examination consisting of 150 multiple-choice single answer questions taken from current literature, including journals, monographs, recent publications, and recognized texts. In addition, questions will be obtained from recent ACONP educational meetings where didactic lectures have been given pertaining to neurophysiology topics.

Application Requirements
At the time of application, the applicant must submit the following to the Board:

  1. Completed application signed and dated by applicant
  1. Notarized passport size photo attached to the application
  1. Copy of current state medical license indicating expiration date
  1. Application fee in the form of a check
  1. Copy of fellowship certificate from the neurophysiology program or letter from the program director or letter from the chief of neurology or neurophysiology section as outlined in Section 6 above