AOBNP Board Information

There are eleven (11) elected members of the AOBNP.  Each member is an AOA board-certified physician, certified through the AOBNP.  Insofar as practical,  membership shall include a representative from each area of neurology (4), psychiatry (4), child neurology (1), child psychiatry (1) and a representative from each of the time divisions of the United States whenever possible.

Current AOBNP Leadership


Timothy Schoonover, DO, FACN

Certification Director

Vivian Ross, MAFM



Co-Chair (Neurology)
Anne Pawlak, DO, FACN
Shailesh Rajguru, DO
Alex Steinbock, DO
Nicole Danner, DO, FACN
Mark Silverman, DO

Co-Chair (Psychiatry)

Roy Meland, DO, FACN


Teodor Huzij, DO, FACN
Furhut Janssen, DO

Martin DeSantis, DO

Leslie Madrak, DO




142 E Ontario St

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone 312-202-8148

Fax      312-202-8428